Summer School



Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu

JUNE 17-28, 2013


The Mathematical Institute of Jussieu organizes a summer school on the subject of rigidity respectively in operators algebras theory and dynamical system theory.

Important developments have been achieved related to these questions and the aim of the school is to present some of these and to allow an exchange between the two domains.

The summer school will gather known specialists in Von Neumann algebras related to group actions and of ergodic theory of lattice subgroups.

This manifestation is mainly aimed to students in a pre-doctoral or doctoral position, to post-doctoral fellows, and to researcher willing to improve their knowledge of the subject.

The venue of the school is the new campus in Paris of Paris-Diderot University.

A conference Von Neumann Algebras and Measurable Group Theory organised by KU Leuven will follow from July 1st to 4th.